The Story of Surface Medic –

When it comes to bathtub, tile, fiberglass, kitchen & bath countertop resurfacing in Brevard County >call the experts at Surface Medic today! Henry & Debbie Plaag, long time Space Coast residents, are family owned & operated for over 20 years’ & are innovators of this industry.  We do both residential and commercial customers which includes investors and flippers.

Why Surface Medic?

Once the appointment is set, and we do personally answer each call, we arrive on time and go over the job with the client. This helps the customer to set a time schedule for us to be in and out of the property.

We begin by acid etching the entire tub and/or tile wall surround and remove the old caulking. Nicks and rust spots and  repairs and filled at this time.  Once unit is scrubbed down, wiped dry and cleaned with 100% alcohol. We tape and paper the walls for protection while the equipment is being set up We then mix a 2 part epoxy primer for spray applications. After the 2 coats are applied, we inspect for proper gloss, adhesion and coverage. We then begin the final step of the 3 part poly-glass top coats. After final inspection we remove the drop clothes, paper masking tape, and unneeded tools. The coating is tack dry in 30 minutes. We then replace the overflow plate and drain assembly if needed. The final touch is caulking with poly-seam-seal , and one last inspection.  The entire process usually takes less than 3 hours. We offer a 5 year warranty on the finish. We again share with customer proper maintenance of their like new tub.Surface Medic is Licensed, Bonded & Insured & offers high-tech performance coatings and products